Friday, June 01, 2012

Train of Thought

My Mom has been in the hospital and it's been pretty emotionally taxing on everybody and coming home from Sioux Falls the other night, I was pretty spent both emotionally and physically.  The simple 60 mile drive was already getting old for a person who bikes everywhere.

I think to keep our sanity up, we started playing the "That cloud looks like .... " game.  After finding a rubber ducky cloud, a My Little Pony cloud, and various others,  The following conversation then took place.

Laura: That cloud looks like a whale whose tail popped out of the water.
Me:  No way! That is totally the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Laura:  Oh I can see that!
Me: *humming the theme song to Star Trek*
--pause for a bit as we rode in silence--
Me:  You know that someday after Big Bang Theroy goes off the air there will be a trivia game about it, don't you?
Laura:  We will totally rock at that!
Me:  No doubt about that.
-- More silence as we drove along --
Me:  Do you have any idea how that whole series of thought tie together?
Laura:  Let's see....U.S.S Enterprise Cloud - Humming the theme song to Star Trek -- Big Bang Theory trivia -- You was thinking about the episode of Big Bang Theroy where Sheldon played the Star Trek theme on that "thingy".
Me:  ABSOLUTELY!  Only you could have pieced that together.  Don't spend too much time in my head, it's a scary place.  The only thing you missed is that I had to think about the name of the "thingy" -- it's called a Theremin -- and that's where I came up with the need for a trivia game.

Do Laura and I spend too much time together?  Absolutely.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

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