Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Whew! No Surgery!

I've been dealing with pain in my groin area for 2-3 months now and finally figured that if it was serious I better find out for sure and get things taken care of.  I had a Physical Therapist bend me seven ways from Sunday and even though I had some pain, it wasn't enough to make me jump off the table, which I know he was secretly shooting for. I was instructed to follow his stretching routine, which I have religiously, but it just wasn't getting better after three weeks.

On the advice of the Physical Therapist, I started my search for a specialist in the area of sports hernias.  After getting opinions on who to go to, I chose one in Yankton and made the appointment.  I have to admit, I was extremely nervous.  I really expected the worst and hadn't told hardly any body except my wife and a few people in my cycling class about my issue.

The doctor took his time in checking the area and completed all of the typical hernia checks (turn your head and cough anybody???).  In the end, he was satisfied that I did NOT have a hernia.  He did state that he could tell by the way I twitched hard when he dug in the adductors that they were WAY too tight and inflamed.  He asked what my current workout regimen was and I told him honestly.  It was like telling your parents that you broke something in the house.  Needless to say, I'll be taking it easy, along with 2400mg of ibuprofen for the next two weeks (at least).

Below is a picture of the area in question.  They are not some of the bigger muscles you have, but let me tell you, they can be incredibly painful when inflamed.  It's tough to become the "aging athlete", but it's better than being a couch monkey.

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