Monday, September 17, 2007

New Thoughts on Posting

While I will still post some ride information and keep you up to date with monthly totals, I don't think many are interested in reading about my Weekly Activity (unless something spectacular happens). I think what I will focus on more in my posts are things I see differently while biking versus driving, trips I make with the Grocery Getter including a new feature, "What has been hauled by the grocery getter this week".

As much as I love to ride my road bike for miles on end, I think the thing I'm proudest of are my in town commuting/errand miles. Vermillion is a relatively small town (a little over 10,000) and from where I live, literally nothing is over three miles away, and most things are less than 2 miles. So while I may not have near the commuting miles as some, I'm proud to say that I drive very very little in town. I take the Grocery Getter with me quite often now. As an example, here are some of the things it did in the last couple weeks for me:

* Hauled many computers and monitors from various places on campus due to a bunch of new faculty computers that came in and carried the old ones back to my office.
* Hauled a few smaller printers back that were replaced.
* A few trips to the grocery store for groceries. I have figured out that I can completely fill a small shopping cart at Hy-Vee along with a couple gallons of milk underneath and it will all fit in the Grocery Getter.
* Trips to Walmart for things
* Trips to the Dakota Dome with my backpack full of workout clothes inside
* Recyclables to the the recycling center/recycling trailers (no curbside pickup yet!)
* Hauled my wife's massage table to and from her office. I know, it's hard to get a mental image of this, so I'll work on taking a picture for you on this one!

You get the general picture. I use the Grocery Getter like most people use a car. I'm sure many people in town think I am the strangest thing ever with that cart on back. Do I care? Are you kidding? I could care less. Okay, I might feel bad if the kids get crap in school about their weird Dad, but many of the kids think that my obsessive bike riding is actually cool (The kid who delivers the local shopper newspaper LOVES my cart!).

From here on out, there will be biking stories, grocery getter updates, and monthly mileage updates along with the usual family happenings. Part of the purpose of my blog is to encourage people to drive less. Now I need to SHOW people how I do so much with my bike and without my car!


mytzpyk said...

When people ask about my bob loaded like that I tell them I carry my beer with me.

Funny how that makes everything comletely ok.

thE_kErnEl said...

beer makes everything ok

SD_pedalpower said...

Greats ideas for posts. I look forward to reading. Show the world. Show us locals how you do it.

rigtenzin said...

You are opening people's eyes to the possibility of alternate transportation.

I like the trailer setup too.