Friday, October 19, 2007

8,000 and on Pace

I rolled over 8,000 miles yesterday. I'm still being stubborn and riding outside with a mix of noon hour training in the dome. It's hard to ride over 15-20 miles within the city limits of Vermillion without going a little crazy. I've covered every in town road in Vermillion many times in the past week.

Brighter note: Tomorrow is supposed to be 74 and sunny. Winds SSW @ 12. I might try to get a century in, or at least 70. I need to increase my mileage cushion for those days that I look at the trainer and want to throw up. My "on pace for" mileage is only around 10,060. There are some (almost all) days that it's tough to want to think about almost 28 miles on a trainer in December so it's time to kick it in.

Next question: Why am I so obsessed by 10K?


SD_pedalpower said...

Because you know you can do it and not many others can or will.

Next year you should create some sort of charity thing where people can donate a per mile or something like that.

I can see it, read it, hear it in the media next year:

"BikingBrady rides 10,000 miles for charity."

I have a boat load of media contacts if your interested.

Now on to getting people who spin or use trainers to hook them up to generators so they can create there own electricity.

dkeenan said...

What kind of setup are you using to keep track of the miles you are riding on your trainer?

bikingbrady said...

I have a Cateye Astrale which runs off the back wheel so it works fine on the trainer. At the Dome when I work out they have recumbent and upright bikes with all that built in. I also teach spin class and this is where it's tough as they do not have odometers. I decided on "4 minutes per mile" as a low estimate. I teach a 40 minute spin class that is usually pretty killer so I count it as 10 miles of riding. My game, my rules :-)

That being said, I'm trying to do as much outside as I can. Many mountain bike miles around town as of late. The former Snakebite Stumpjumper is getting mileage piled on with its new owner.

dkeenan said...

Thanks for the info! I was thinking about trying the wireless but I think the sensor would be to far away from the head.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Ah! Verm! The Dome!
I hope you get some nice weather to ride. I used to ride my bike even in snow when I lived and worked in Verm.

When you go out for a longer ride, like 50 - 70 miles, where do you guys ride mostly?



bikingbrady said...


We have many varied routes for 50-70 miles. Vermillion to Akron, IA. Elk Point/Jefferson loop, Wakonda loop, Yankton and back. For "memories" of biking loops for you, check out