Monday, October 01, 2007

Monthly Mileage Update

September was a "down month" mileage wise. I DID barely squeak by with 700 miles, and even rode in some nasty rain on a mountain bike on Sunday to finish it off in style. I need to pick it up to stay on pace for 10K for the year.

There were two of my 2007 Goals picked off this month however. I hit 7,500 miles on the 29th in the middle of a "Honey-do-grocery-getter" Saturday. While I'm still shooting for 10,000, it was nice to get over the "goal hump". The other goal was one that I have been nervous about all year as I only had one shot at completing it: Run Sub 36 on the Intramural 14 mile bike race. My stretch goal was to win it at age 40, but once I realized Alex Baldwin was still going to be around, I abandoned that idea and did the next best thing, had him join our team. We worked really well together for the whole race and the wind was only around 10mph and I not only broke 36, but also 35 (34:26).

The Team: Joe P., Craig D., Kevin B., Alex B.

Mileage as of 9/30/07 - 7545.50

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