Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Stray pets seem to always find us. A week ago Friday a little Yorkie showed up in our yard and we ended up keeping him overnight after calling the local animal control to see if anybody was missing it and nobody had called yet. Saturday morning we called the vet clinic and nobody had reported one missing. Finally we decided to call the police about 11:00 and somebody had just called. They came over to pick up their dog and the kids were a little heart broken.

Fast forward to the following Friday. I get a call about 11:15 on my cell phone from Laura. I'm thinking that she's going to meet a few of us going out for lunch. Instead I get a "The kids and I are going to go down to the Humane Society in Sioux City". As I rolled my eyes into the air as if Laura could see, I said "Have fun" knowing good and well a trip to the humane society meant a 97.897% chance of a dog coming home.

Without further ado, I give you a wonder mutt named Deeohgee -- pronounced D.O.G. In case you are wondering, or if you've just lost count which is easy to do, the Brady household is now: People 5 - Pets 5 (unless you count the three fish, then pets win).


Anonymous said...

I have been told that there is a special place in heaven for people that get adpoted by "pound pets".
I firmly belive it.

Congratulations of your newest family member!

All The Way Ray said...

Yeah, I'd take them all in if I could.

thE_kErnEl said...


FunkyMama said...

well, this, too, is how we have four cats and two big dogs ... :)

Snakebite said...

Name it "Steve" so it matches the minivan.

Eric A. said...

What a bunch of animals!!! :P
Pets out number humans in our home too. 6 to 3. Furry friends are best anyways. :)