Monday, March 23, 2009

Week of Riding Recap

March can be such a bad month for training due to it's varying temps and conditions, but for at least one week, the weather was pretty stellar. To cap off the week we had eight rollers on Saturday leave for a 50+ miler. Ride Vermillion, Cactus-Eyed Joe, Cindy L., Evie J., Reid R., David R., myself along with Kwen S. (for a short while) left Latte Da after a quick caffination process was complete. I was very pleased for such an early season ride. Granted one was back from Rapid City and another will be leaving us for the summer, but it was still a great turnout and gives me hope that group rides are making a comeback with the Lane Hogs!

Saturday we rolled to Elk Point and then on to Jefferson and looped back around. The wind was steady but we have definitely ridden in worse in South Dakota. It sure was fun once we made the turn and had it at our backs for the way home.

Overall I topped out at a little over 173 miles for the week as training for the 2009 Hwy 212 Gut Check begins in earnest!

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Unknown said...

I'd say you are off to a great start on your Gut Check training!