Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Return of the BBT

I wasn't sure if I'd get back in time to do a second ride with Laura last night so I suggested that we ride the Tandem (BBT) to Elk Point and back. She's been trying to do more solo rides, but ANY ride is better than no ride. Like clockwork when we ride the tandem, that means the weather will be brutal in one way or another. Well, it decided to be "interesting" both directions.

On the way to Elk Point we battled a strong headwind in chilly temperatures. Shortly before we left Vermillion, Ed F. stated "We're going to get rained on".'s not going to rain. Rule #1: Never second guess a guy with 60+ years of life experience. We had a mist on the way down and it looked like we were in the clear. Then CDV called his wife who stated that it was raining in Vermillion. Crap. Sure enough, even though we were hauling 20-25mph (quite easily) on the way home, we quickly ran into a drizzle that was with us most of the way home.

Even the rain and the wind didn't dampen our riding spirits by the time we were home. The ride was a great workout and it was great to get Laura out on the BBT. It was also great to have a couple more riders (Kwen S. and Ed F. -- and yes, they are both 60+ in age for the rest of you wusses who duck the weather) join us for this trek. Hopefully some more of the Lane Hogs will reappear from their winter biking cocoons.

Ride on. Without excuses.

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FunkyMama said...

One of my best, most memorable days of riding was in the rain - crossing the Continental Divide in Montana. Gorgeous. :)