Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day With Thomas

We took two car loads (10 people in all) to a family fun day and went to Fremont, Nebraska to see Thomas the Tank Engine. Austin and Marissa didn't seem real excited in the beginning but by the end, they would be hard pressed to say they didn't have at least SOME fun.

We took "the Grandma's" along: Grandma's Laura, Bonnie, and Beverly along with Laura's sister LeeAnn and our niece Adriana and all the Brady Bunch. I think everybody who went had a great time. I even have pictures that prove that my "too old for this" 13 year old had fun. Without further ado, our day in a few pictures.

Carson standing in front of Thomas.

The model railroad of Thomas was also pretty awesome. Only thing missing from where I was sitting was Gomez Addams blowing it up. Sorry for those who miss that reference.

Carson resisted the urge to smile on the train.

So Dad offered a little tickle assistance.

Carson meeting Sir Topham Hat

Thomas on the move

Austin busted having fun too.

Carson had fun on the Thomas bouncy slide too. He was making others nervous while I just laughed.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you folks had as much fun as we did today.
Got the reference, I miss that show.
And The Munsters, The Rifleman, Batman, and pretty much every other after school/early evening programming from my youth....

Road Legs said...

how was Sir Topham Hat I have too Thomas The Train nuts in my house glad you had a great time