Friday, July 17, 2009


Yes, I'm way behind on blogging, but I had to throw some kudos out to the boys from FAB for a great FABRAD 2009 on July 11. I loved the route, the weather, the food, and seeing almost every area cycling blogger.

We had a great paceline going until we hit the hills in Iowa and then things spread out a bit. After a stop in Inwood, IA --possibly my first EVER trip to Inwood-- to regroup we were off again. CDV and I took off ahead of the main group and it quickly became evident that he was not feeling good. As we would learn later, without going into details, it was NOT biking related and he would be moderately incapacitated the rest of his Saturday. He survived the 60 miles and I stayed with him even with his pleas that I leave him to die in peace.

I put the route out on the South Dakota By Bike blog. Now that there more Garmin users out there, I could use some help getting some of your favorite routes out there as well. If you have deeper detail on the roads we took for FABRAD, let me know that as well and I'll update that post so others have a great ride route.

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