Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Commuting

I managed to survive until this weekend to put on the studded tires. The strange part of waiting until the last possible second to put them on is the fact that I actually enjoy winter commuting. I know, I know...WHY?!?!?! Allow me to explain a few reasons:

1. Crisp clean air. There is something about the air, cold as it may be, in the winter verses other times of the year. If you can find a side street with little traffic, the air seems so pure in the Winter. Of course, I'm speaking from a rural South Dakota perspective. On the other hand, I have also noticed that I can tell when a car that has a smoker in it goes by, even with the windows up. Car exhaust also seems stronger if you get behind a vehicle with nasty exhaust. I'm not sure what causes the senses to be so heightened in the cold, but it's definitely a wonderful experience. Thankfully my route is usually car free, so I get a much more enjoyable crisp air experience.

2. The sound of the studded tires on a quiet snow packed street. There is simply no describing this one. You just have to experience it.

3. No "warming up" of my vehicle. Contrary to my failed attempts at talking my kids into "warming up" my bike, I don't need to plan my morning around what time I need to start the vehicle to have it warm enough for when leave for work. Gear up and go!

Even after all these years of commuting, I still get some pretty strange looks on a day like today when the temperature starts below zero. It's really not as bad as people think. The right equipment/gear on plowed streets, and winter commuting is a breeze. A calm winter day like today is actually one of my favorite commuting days. What's stopping you from commuting during the winter?

Author's note: I'm not crazy. I have a psychiatrists full analysis stating so.

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gad2357 said...

I put my winter bike on a trainer in the garage. Then, give the neighbor kid a couple of bucks to go out and get my bike warmed up before I have to ride it.