Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Joy and an Old Rant Revisited

Oh Barnes and Noble Color Nook, how I love thee. You have made reading enjoyable for me once again. You see, I've always loved to read. However, I have a visual tracking issue that makes reading print that is close in proximity difficult. I can still do it, but I often have to reread things as words try to change positions or I track to the wrong line. It makes reading for enjoyment, well, not enjoyable.

Enter: the Nook. I can change line spacing, text size, brightness of the screen and life is once again good. Since the Nook has entered our household, I have enjoyed reading a great deal once again. I know there are many people who still need to "hold the book in their hand", but in my case the Nook was something I wish I had checked into long ago.

One great thing about the color Nook is the ability to read magazines that are published in electronic format. I decided to see what was available out there and much to my surprise, I couldn't find any bicycling publications available.

Back in November of 2007 I had a bit of a rant against Bicycling Magazine that you can read about HERE. Here we are, over three years later, and it's still hard to find a bicycling magazine in electronic format.

Many of us in the bicycling world tout ourselves as living a pretty "green" life, but still our industry is failing to offer an electronic option with most of its magazines. Even the magazines that have print only options tout our green ways. I find this disconcerting and a little more than hypocritical. I know it's a small thing, but for some reason it really doesn't sit well with me. How about you? Want to change our little corner of the world? Let your favorite bicycling magazines know that you would like to see them offer a digital option.

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