Wednesday, March 09, 2011

An Obvious Question That I've Never Been Asked

Out of all the questions that you get asked by people, sometimes it's the most obvious that can throw you for a loop. In my case, it was for an upcoming article in a local newspaper mainly discussing my commuting to work by bike streak. The question:

How long do you plan to continue this biking lifestyle?

I know you must be asking yourself how such a simple question could throw me for a loop? Well, I've just never thought about it I guess. Three years ago I made a lifestyle change to commute by bike every day. Two years ago I solidified it by selling our second vehicle. Commuting by bike is such a part of me that I can't foresee the need to go back anymore. Sure things can change, and they probably will. When/Why will the commuting streak end? Your guess is as good as mine, but know that I'm VERY stubborn when I put my mind to something.

So my official answer to the interview question? Here you go: "Amazingly, this is a question that I have never been asked and never thought about. Unless something unforeseen happens, I’ll do it as long as I possibly can. That’s the beauty of bicycling, it truly can be a lifetime activity."

For those of you who could commute by bike easily but make up excuses not to, please try it. You'll feel better and be a better person because of it. Soon you may be like me and it will be tougher for you to think about using a vehicle than hopping on your bike, especially for short trips.

Have two vehicle payments and your budget is tight? I've got a solution!

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