Friday, March 02, 2007

One Streak Over - One Still Going

This morning at about 7:45 I was in search of my leg warmers as the conditions outside were deplorable. The wind was blowing in excess of 30mph and it was snowing lightly on top of our already nasty roads. But I was still going to do it, I was going to ride to work! Then the phone rang: It was my good friend and fellow rider Cindy checking up on me and asking if I wanted a ride. I toyed with saying "no" because of the streak that I keep on the blog, but then I decided that the offer was too good to not take.

When Cindy picked me up she said that she had called Joe to see if he wanted a ride but he was still in "barely functioning" mode and he rode in later to make me look like a bigger wuss than I already felt like. BUT, considering the interstates are closed and no travel is advised anywhere, I can deal with it. And so, my 48 consecutive days of riding to work are officially over.

However, on another note, another "unpublished" streak of mine is still going strong: I have ridden at least 20 miles every day this year (60 days!). I'm sure that once I get going with longer outdoor rides that will end as well, but I'm trying to stay fairly consistent. Speaking of which, I need to quit blogging and start cycling to make it 61!

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