Thursday, May 17, 2007

FABulous Cycling

Last weekend I had to go run the Daktronics board at Howard Wood Field for the Greater Dakota Conference Track Meet. I figured that there was no time like the present to meet a couple of blogging buddies for a ride.

Friday night I met up with Snakebite and a few others, including the now famous Matt Helling. We had a nice 37 mile roll from Northern SF to Hartford to Crooks and back. The funniest part of the ride is when we rolled into Hartford and Matt said "So, THIS is where Hartford is". Instinctively I inquired, "Are you new to the area Matt?". "No, I just grew up 'in the city (Sioux Falls)' and never got out of town much. I'm still laughing over that one.

Saturday morning was the Coffee and Donuts Urban Ride in Sioux Falls. It was here that I finally met MinusCar, or as he puts it, the "guy I met off the internet". It was a relaxed pace through the residential areas of Sioux Falls. Low traffic on a Saturday morning and I got to see parts of Sioux Falls that I normally wouldn't see so it was awesome. Being the great hosts they are, the FAB group took their mid-ride stop at Caribou coffee so I could enjoy my NO CALORIE Turtle Mocca (OMG! 730 Calories?!?! Oh wait...skim milk..probably only 675!).

I made reference that when I downloaded the Garmin that the coffee and donut ride route should spell "FAB". Well, it looks more like a wiener dog with a camel hump. That was my initial Rorschach ink blot test response and I'm sticking to it.

Thanks for taking in an outsider and showing me a good time!


thE_kErnEl said...

Kevin - I wish I could have ridden with you. thE kErnEl was on his way to a 300K Brevet in Nebraska. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and we'll have to get the Lane Hogs and FAB together. In Parker perhaps?

bikingbrady said...

kErnEl...Many of the Lane Hogs will be on TdK so I'm sure we will see y'all on the roads. We have talked about meeting half way (Lennox?) for lunch some day.

Michelle said...

No calories....did it have any flavor? Good flavor? Sugar free stuff tastes pretty icky to me.

Caribou Coffee...they must be Alaskan transplants. :)