Friday, May 18, 2007

A Visit From A Buddy....

A week ago, my friend Barry S. from Minneapolis told me he was coming down today and wanted to go to lunch. YESTERDAY he said he was bringing his girlfriend along. Wait a minute...THEEE bachelor is bringing a girlfriend.

Laura and I went to lunch with Barry and Tara and I'll be damned, she's NICE. Okay, I'm kidding, Barry is a nice guy and deserves somebody like Tara. So Barry, don't screw this up. Tara, should you read this, take good care of him...somebody needs to!

Barry is in the midst of marathon training but talked about more important things (i.e. cycling) for next year. We will have to work on getting Tara and Laura out there riding more! whiner who doesn't blog any more, the next post is for you. It DOESN'T deal with cycling and it DOES deal with my wife who I "supposedly" never talk about.

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