Friday, May 18, 2007

My wife buys "paraphernalia" at Walmart

My wife is on her way home from massage therapy school (on the downhill slide of that thank goodness!) and calls to say that she is going to stop by her sisters to get a few things for our son's "Wax Museum" project at school and then run to Walmart. When she got home she had quite the tale to tell and it's just too good not to write about. Without further ado:

So, she picked up some things from her sister. Then off to Walmart where she decided to look for "pipe cleaners" to possibly build a mustache for Austin as he was going to be Albert Einstein. She looked through all the craft areas and couldn't find any and finally asked a sales person where they were. She was told they were at the front of the store in "Aisle 8". She went and picked them up and then proceeded to get a gallon of milk since we were running low at home.

She then proceeds to the nearest checkout. They ring up the milk but the pipe cleaners will not ring up. The clerk calls a manager over and he states that they are considered "paraphernalia" and can only be purchased on aisle 8. So, off to aisle 8 she goes to buy her pipe cleaners. She goes to pay and THEY CARD HER. Apparently you have to be (or look) at least 27 or you don't buy pipe cleaners at Walmart. How ridiculous is that?!?!??!

On the bright side, my wife still gets carded. I'm sure there is no way in heck this old man could get carded for anything. They probably wouldn't card me at Senior Citizens!

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