Monday, October 01, 2007

Glue Number Two

When Carson was a little over one year old, Marissa accidentally dropped him on the corner of a dresser and split his forehead open requiring a trip to the emergency room. They glued his forehead shut and it worked very well (at the cost of nearly $1000).

Friday, on a trip to Taco John's, Carson was swinging with one arm on the table and one on the back of the table and somehow lost grip and banged his chin on the table. This resulted in "glue number two". Luckily this only required a clinic visit instead of an ER visit.

For the record, I have more stitches/glues/staples than Carson (they never offered glue or staples to me ever), but I didn't have my first set of stitches until I was five. So, he is well on his way to break my record.

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Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the move. My 4 yr old does it all the time. Thanks for the picture to improve my sometimes hard to supress worries about what could happen. The worst is watching the 6 yr old ride the razor scooter down the hill. I know she'll fall eventually. At this point I think it would be easier to have a bloodied, crying 6 yr old come to me for help rather than witness the carnage first hand.