Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Brady 2007 Christmas Rhyme

The Brady Family Christmas rhyme of two-thousand-and-seven is here
sent live and direct from our house and it’s filled with great cheer!
So much to catch up on from the year that has past
we’ve had us a good one, in fact it was a blast!
I fail to keep in touch with many of you, at it I bomb,
but all the important stuff is at bikingbrady dot blogspot dot com.
Do not blame me for your lack of knowledge of the clan,
that’s where the blog comes in; at least that’s the plan.
For those who refuse to keep reading our life on the web (that we weave)
the abbreviated version of our life in this letter you shall receive.
Let’s start with Carson, now four-and-one-half
is quick with a smile and quite a cute laugh.
He is in “his school” now; Pre-school to all else who know
in school and in life, the boy continues to grow.
Austin is in sixth grade and started playing the tenor sax
He’s doing well for a beginner and that’s just the facts!
Recently we rearranged the house and he no longer shares a room with his brother,
“You now can’t blame your messy room on Carson” quickly warns his mother.
Marissa is in 4th grade and has likes too many to mention here
suffice it to say she always moving in a high gear.
She is a good sister to the boys, such a great friend to so many and it is easily seen,
and gets frustrated with people who are rude, nasty and mean.
I’m proud of our kids and I say that with pride,
but still there are days that I just want to hide.
He’s yelling at her, she’s tattling on him
there are days their survival seem pretty slim.
When things are their bleakest and blood pressures are hiking,
the Brady’s do what they do best, they take to biking!
We all do our biking, to work and to school;
we like to laugh at the car driving fool.
We bike so much, as much as we’re able,
that this year we added more bikes to our stable!
A Cannondale tandem and a used cruiser tandem too,
Dad and Marissa have new rides also to name just a few.
Our single car garage has probably seen its last car;
bikes are simply the important thing we own by far!
There have been so many rides and memories this Chinese year of the Pig,
if you want to know more, read the blog, do you dig?
I’m still at USD in IT, probably will be for life,
Laura is working hard, the massage-giving wife.
Enough writing for now, before I make even less sense
of the 2007 life of the Brady’s, the version condensed.
To friends old and new, we wish you the best,
to those who have kids, we wish you some rest!
I leave you with one thought, a challenge I hope you will like,
in 2008 get off your tookus, drive less, and ride much more bike!

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