Monday, December 31, 2007

Bringing in 2008 Right...With a Ride!

This is where I'm going:

This is what I'm potentially up against:

This is why I can't wuss out: An email from Mr. Bite himself:


Thee 103rd annual Spoke-n-Sport New Year's Day ride will take place tomorrow (New Year's Day to those calendaricly challenged) starting at 1 PM. The ride won't be that long and afterwards there's chili and stuff across the street in the church school gym. Good times.

Yes, it will be a bit cold. But, you haven't anything better to do and the cold will serve as a character builder. Only severe wimps will not attend. Since I know that's not you I'll see you there.

Spoke-n-Sport is just east of the corner of 37th St and Minnesota Ave. Just go where all the bikes are. Last year I think there was more than 100 riders in weather that was a lot crappier than it will be this year.


So much for thoughts of going up, hanging out, eating, and potentially NOT riding. I've been called out. I'll be there. Probably bitching. But I'll be there. Riding.


Michelle said...

Yep, you gotta do it. Good luck! Character/insanity: it's all the same in the long run....

I would be there if I could

Eric Thrasher Troili.. said...

Do you have any information about firm dates for the Hwy212GC_412..? I lived in Rapid City and Piedmont many years ago.. I may be interested in returning for a nice little ride this summer..

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