Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday "Shake off the Winter Blues" Ride

I'd like to thank Craig D. for suggesting we get off our moping butts and actually get out and ride today. It was nice to get out even though it was only about 15 miles. It was enough to make my toes cold and appreciate some coffee and a bagel at the end of the ride.

It's cold by most standards, chilly from a South Dakota standpoint. Even at 1:00 as I write this, it's only 17 degrees. I actually don't mind bundling up and riding in the cold, but I have to figure out the layering a bit.

My biggest issue with cold riding is my feet. I simply can't keep my feet warm. I have two pairs of socks on, my mountain bike shoes with SPD cleats and my Performance bike booties over the top. For all of you who ride more in the winter than I do, what do you do for socks/shoes/booties in winter time? I have to figure this out as I want to ride more, but an hour is about all my feet and toes are willing to put up with at this point. I may have to invest a little more in my feet to make it more bearable, but I want it to be worth my money as well.


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I checked with Mr. Winter century rider himself, Sweet Baboo, and he sais Pearl Isumi toe covers, dude. Then there's also insulated shoe covers, as well as chemical thingies that you can actually put IN the shoe. Happy wintering!

SD_pedalpower said...

If you want to be clipped in the Lake winter boots are the ticket but they are spendy @ $250. My other option I use is hiking boots on platform pedals. I use campus pedals so they serve dual purpose.

Also try plastic grocery bags over top of at least 2 layers of wool. I tried to find another pair of poly socks at Scheels but they do not carrying them anymore.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I've had luck using these toe-warmer thing-ees. You shake them real hard to get the chemicals working--and then they stick in your shoes. They work for several hours. They're cheap--like a few bucks. And like GeekGirl said, the Pearl Isumi toe covers are nice. They are expensive and only last a season as they get torn clipping in and out. Cheapie copies of the Pearl Isumi ones, like ones you could buy at Performace Bike, might last one ride before you toss 'em.