Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look Who's On Two Wheels!

I ended up getting to stay home with the two younger kids this weekend as my Sister-in-law went with Laura to the Black Hills to pick up our oldest and our nephew from Storm Mountain Church Camp. In a moment of semi boredom I asked Carson (age 4 and 11/12ths) if he wanted me to take off his training wheels. He excitedly said yes!

I expected that he'd try it, not be very stable and want me to put them back on. Well, after about 10 trips up and down the sidewalk it became evident that wouldn't be necessary. Below is a picture of Carson padded up for all crash positions. Yesterday he was even more confident and the pads stayed inside.


Michelle said...

How cool. I remember when my kids learned to ride, dressed in protective gear from head to toe. Unlike when I learned to ride, no parental assistance, no training wheels, no pads or helmet, too big of a bike...just a rock strewn hill on a dirt road...I jumped on my bike and down the hill I went...narrowly avoided a head on with a car then a tremendous wipeout ..big cloud of dust, when it settled...blood, dirt, tears. Lots of ugly, dirty scabs to show off the the neighborhood boys and the older brothers but I could RIDE! Oh happy memories :)

Ham(m)er said...

Carson, good for you!! Many Kudos!

Ryan said...

My oldest, Danny, just took his training wheels off last week! We celebrated by going on a 3 mile ride. At the end, he was ready for more.