Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OFFICIALLY Signed up for the MS Bike Tour

Yeah, I know, you are wondering about the title of the post. Afterall, it's not a shock that I am once again signed up for the MS Bike Tour. However, gentle readers of my blog:

(done in my best Arena announcer voice) Making her MS debut, and quite possibly her first ride of 75 miles, the beautiful redhead that I'm proud to call my wife.....Laaaaauraaaaaa Brrrrrrrraddddddy!

We are trying our best to dedicate Tuesday, Thursday, Friday morning, and one day on the weekend to getting on the tandem to ride. We haven't been very consistent, but she's pretty confident that even if the ride was tomorrow she'd survive 75 miles. She's not so sure about the return trip on Sunday yet though.

Warren/Cheryl, you will have tandem company on Team Road Kill this year!


CDV said...

Yeah Laura! You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Can't wait to mayhap ride with you two, andof course, there is the little matter of meeting at Bunyans on Sunday!