Thursday, June 26, 2008

MPP (Miles per Pound)

Damn you Barry!

Carrying on our recent theme of cycling calculations about Calories per Mile (CPM), Barry brought up the idea of how many miles would it take to burn one pound. The geek glasses are on with the nerdy bow tie. Let's solve this, shall we?

Using the information from the last post: 1000(CPH)/18(Miles) = 55.56 (CPM)
Where CPH = Calories per Hour
Miles = Miles ridden in one Hour
CPM = Calories per Mile
We can then start to determine MPP -- Miles per Pound

Assuming that you burn 1000 calories per hour at 18 miles per hour and also assuming that it takes 3500 calories to equal one pound of weight (a common assumption) then the following formula will give you hours to burn 3500 calories:

3500 Calories / 1000 CPH = 3.5 hours

Still assuming 18 miles per hour the following can be derived:

3.5 hours * 18 mph = 63 MPP (miles per pound)

Again, this is based on a "guesstimate" and would better be served by heart rate information.

Next time you are riding your metric century, eating anything you want, and wondering why you aren't losing weight, refer back to my little calculation. More royalty checks better be in the mail. Maybe I should set up a PayPal account for donations....hmmm....


CDV said...

STOP the algebra, it's really giving me a headache. Why did I mention this to you?? How bout you ride and ride some more and you eat only when hungry, I reserve the right to drink all the beer I want, when ever I want.

CDV said...

Next year you are training with me (again) for Gut-Check, right now you have WAY to much time on your hands.

SD_pedalpower said...


I have to ride 7 hours before I lose a pound. Dude, stop the math, it's depressing me. I eat when I'm depressed :)