Friday, September 19, 2008

O Great and Powerful Steve

Thank you for voting in the "Name the Ford Freestar" poll. Voter turnout was high and the dirty campaigning was at an all time high.

Due to the fact that no voter can be trusted, popular vote did not win. Due to possible voter indiscretion, the final naming decision was turned over to Congress (Laura). Although it appeared that "Fordzilla" was the popular choice amongst the people, Congress demanded that "O Great and Powerful Steve" become the official moniker of the Freestar.

Congress stated the van belonged to her and no poll was going to change her mind. Besides, it does sort of look like the hedge in "Over the Hedge" if you look at it just right.

I wouldn't make jokes about O Great and Powerful Steve. It may end up hauling your bike someday.


Laura Fischer said...

what Kevin doesn't tell you is that he voted for Fordzilla like 10 times. So the "voter indiscretion" was all Kevin. Laura

DIRK said...

I will call it FORDZILLA !!!