Sunday, September 28, 2008

Area Hill Work

Yesterday's "Rollers Riding Rollers" ride made me wonder how some of my favorite hill rides stack up. None of them are near the same length, but it appears that all three of these rides are pretty close in proportion.

Chad's loop is definitely an impressive one. No matter which way he goes for a training ride there is not a completely flat stretch for about 10 miles in any direction.

Next Saturday we are planning the B2B Fall Colors Ride. A one way map of that shows that is stacks up admirably as well. The catch? Most of it is on gravel, and in spots some loose gravel that makes climbing tougher. It too is a beautiful ride however.

Last but certainly not least is my favorite solo ride. An out and back loop -- more by necessity than lack on loop imagination -- is to Laurel, NE. I've never taken anybody with me on this loop for a couple reasons: Many times I get picked up along the way to Laura's Grandparents/Aunt and Uncle's house and due to narrow roads that are hilly, I'm a little nervous to encourage a group ride on it. The road is moderately low traveled, but to take many on this hilly road makes me nervous. It's definitely a "ride right" and not two abreast ride.

Analysis: They are all epic hill workouts that I'm throwing out there for your "enjoyment". Need a riding buddy on any of these, let me know!

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