Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vermillion Bicycling Hits School Newspaper

USD's newspaper, The Volante, ran an article on traffic rules being important for cyclists. I completely agree, even though I'm guilty of blowing stop signs when nobody is around.

I did find it funny that the Vermillion PD Officer interviewed doesn't know the law on DUI's on bicycles. He was quoted with the following:

"As a matter of fact, you can get pulled over for speeding on a bicycle," he said. "Also, if you ride while you're intoxicated and start impeding traffic, you can actually be arrested for a DUI."

I was never a fan of the "No-DUI-on-bicycle" law going into effect, but it beat the alternative they were trying to pass (striking bicycles as "vehicles" altogether).

As far as getting pulled over for speeding...VPD has a short memory as to what happened the last time they tried to catch me!!!!

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Tez said...

Good thing you didn't have the grocery getter hooked up or on the BBT with Laura on your VPD chase...hahaha