Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Full Year of Bicycle Rides

It sure looks like a busy year of bicycle rides upcoming. I'm looking forward to getting out as much as possible, but I doubt I'll hit every ride I'd like to. If I could hit every one, here's what my schedule will look like:

3/14 - Yankton St. Pat's ride
4/18 - LBL - Somewhere near Lincoln, NE - CiTy BiLLy ride
5/16 - Meet in the Middle - Possible FAB/Lane Hog ride
5/30 - Bunyan's to Bob's - Vermillion - a CiTy BiLLy NoRTh production
6/7-6/12 - Tour de Kota
6/21-6/27 - Faces to the Falls (not sure if this is still in the works or not)
7/4 - Beresford 125k Ride
7/11 - FABRAD - Sioux Falls
8/1 & 8/2 - MS Pedal the Plains
8/7-8/9 - Hwy 212 Gut Check
8/15 - Meet in the Middle - Possible FAB/Lane Hog ride
8/22 - Tour de Corn (Mitchell)/Onabike (Onawa, IA) - which way shall I go?
9/12 - Margarita Ride VIII - Vermillion - You don't want to be the person missing THIS ride.
9/19 - Sanford's Biking 4 Breast Cancer
10/10 - Schnoctobeerfest - Fremont, NE - Yet another CiTy BiLLy production

Cactus-Eyed Joe is also looking at putting together weekly time trials in Vermillion. More details to follow on that.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I plan on doing 8 of those rides, including the entire TdK again. Some are just not possible for me, dagnabbit!