Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Memories From My Driving to Work Days

For some reason I've been paying attention to the way people, who are too cheap to buy an on campus parking sticker -- of which I used to be, park on the side streets. Seeing how people parallel park is just a riot. From the area around the sorority houses (their parking could be a whole different humorous post) to the area around campus.

This morning as I got closer to campus, there was a car that was parked that at first I was seriously worried that it was about to pull out in front of me. In other words, it wasn't parallel at all. One had "nose dived" into the parking spot with its rear end still partially out in the street. Then there is the "I am parked in the middle of the street because there is snow/ice on the curb" people. My ride in was filled with comedic parking delight this morning.

My favorite is the spacing of the cars. The people who leave about 3/4 of a car length in front of them. Not big enough to park anything, but it screws up two parking spots eventually due to space lost in front an behind.

I used to become so outraged with the stupidity of the way people parked. The number of times I had to park and extra block or two away due to stupid parking was truly annoying. I look back at those times and laugh. I know where I park now. About five steps outside the door. Glorious.

Parking is always a hot topic when walking around fixing computers in my area. Most have learned NOT to discuss it around me because of the standard answer they will receive for their griping: "Ride your bike". Most have an excuse why they don't bike, some legit, most not. In the immortal words of my friend Snakebite, "Excuses are like a-holes, everybody has one, and they all stink."


Anonymous said...

At the gym the treadmills and bikes have a window view of the parking lot, and you watch people make 3 or 4 laps looking for the closest spot. If you don't want to walk across the parking lot don't go to the gym.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I see Verm and the parking follies has not changed even since I was there--many moons ago...

Oh yeah, Mr. Tony, people live less than a mile--a few blocks from the YMCA where I park (from there I bike to work) and you can see them, like you say, making 2 or 3 laps around looking for that favorite parking spot.