Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bike vs Car Report: Apr 1-15

Not a stellar "low car" performance this period. Had to make a few necessary trips though. One to Matt and Kari's wedding reception in Sioux Falls, and a couple to Brunswick, NE as Laura's Grandpa and I are building a captain's bed (seven drawers on each side!) for us and Laura has been helping Grandpa and her Aunt get ready for an auction.

Upcoming known driving excursions: LBL "the hell of the midwest" is this weekend in Lincoln, NE so the Ride Vermillion and the Biking Brady crews are taking a mini vacation. Another trip to Brunswick, NE is also in the cards to finish up the bed hopefully!


Bryan said...

I wish I had your commitment in using the car as little as possible.

Anonymous said...


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