Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Bed Arrives

The bed that I had the honor of helping Laura's Grandpa build came this weekend and is duly installed. Not without funny stories of it's own. We tried our best not to have to take it apart.

Attempt #1: We tried to take it through the front door and the railing was in the way. No matter how we tried, it wasn't going to fit.

Attempt #2: Through the garage. It too couldn't make the angle to get into the kitchen due to the wall configuration.

Attempt #3: Remove the front railing and go in the front door. SUCCESS!!! Well, not completely. We got it into the hallway heading to our bedroom and it became evident that it wasn't going to angle into our bedroom. Sigh...

Attempt #4: Last ditch effort. Took the screws out of the middle of the bed to separate it into two halves. Off came the screen and windows and we moved it right into the room with two people on each side.

If there was any neighbors bored on a Sunday late afternoon, I'm sure they got some cheap entertainment watching it all go down.

In the process of preparing for the bed we moved everything out of the room. Laura had done some checking under the carpet and the wood floor underneath looked in great condition. Long story short, up came the carpet and now we have a brand new bedroom. A purple paint job, wood floors and a new bed. After a night of "knob installation", pulling up all the carpet tacks and tack strips, and Laura cleaning the floors, it looks great! Without further ado, our "new" bedroom.

The headboard and drawer front wood is from a tree that was native to Brunswick, NE. Grandpa Hertel actually planed the boards down himself.

Seven drawers per side and a look at the wood floors that were discovered.


The Old Bag said...

Awesome! Isn't it wonderful finding treasures from the past?

jaytothesea said...

I need me a grandpa Hertel. looks great!

FunkyMama said...

what a nice surprise ... wood floors! :)