Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As I Continue to Grow Up

I never want to totally grow up. I love my ability to act 12 years old from time to time....Okay, often. However, I will never do things that will potentially make bicycling more dangerous or give cyclists the perception of being completely arrogant. We have enough issues on the road without furthering a stereotype of arrogance. Where am I going with all this? I'll try to make sense of it now.

Understand that I've been sitting on this blog post for over a year now. Partially because I was upset over a website and wanted time to think about my response (really? you needed over a YEAR?) and partially because I didn't really want to draw attention to said website that caused my angst.

Cyclists are an expressive bunch. I completely get that. From my single speed friends who proudly announce their pride with a "One F**king Speed" sticker on their chainstay to those of us who have at least one very loud, and often many, obnoxious jerseys. I want none of you to ever lose that expression. You can even disagree with what I'm about to say (and many of you will) and I'll still consider you a friend. Really.

Get to the damn point already! Damn, yes, that's a good place to start. There is a website that promotes some jerseys that I have a personal beef with. started with a jersey that, as you may have guessed, is emblazoned with SHARE THE DAMN ROAD on it. Since then they have come out with the equally subtle DON'T RUN ME OVER, I'M A TAXPAYER (share the road), and others.


For just a minute, let's pretend I don't bike (Hey, I said pretend). Furthermore, let's pretend that I HATE cyclists with a burning passion. I'm out driving in the country in my SUV all by myself since it would be absolutely incredulous to have more than one person in this size of a vehicle. Suddenly, there they are, those hated cyclists in a pack spanning the whole road. What's that? They are wearing jersey's saying "Share the Damn Road" and "Don't Run Me Over" and others. I think I need to show them who really owns the road and go by as close as I can and maybe throw something at them. BINGO! Drilled one with my pop bottle! That'll teach 'em!

Okay, that was over the top, especially from me. Do you see my point though? Even for those who support us on the road but don't bicycle, don't you think that such messages might cause damage to our hope of their ongoing support?

While I do understand that is NOT the message intended to be portrayed on this website, I think they are failing. There are blogs who readily link to the site and their jerseys. There are also blogs, who like I, think a few of the jerseys do a great disservice to cyclists. I've had my say on the subject. I now jump back off my soap box and return to normal living.


FunkyMama said...

I can agree that positive activism is better than enforcing a stereotype that may exist in some people's imaginations re: cyclists and those obnoxious jerseys.

But ... this one I can agree with ...


I would, wouldn't I?

- jess

Snakebite said...

Where's the website with the jerseys that are only beige in color and say "Milquetoast" is a very small font size?

Are you dissing "the sticker?" Haters are gonna hate. Watch where you park your bike. I have a very special sticker just for yours. KIDDING! Calm down. CALM DOWN!!!

bikingbrady said...

It's on b*tch! Actually I love your sticker (and the others that have it). I understand having cool jerseys, statement jerseys, etc. I just don't like the idea of a jersey that could do more harm than good. I'd have been a good hippie....I just want us all to get along. Free love is always good too....

SD_pedalpower said...

I don't even like saying "share" the road. It makes think that I don't belong on the the streets. "Please sir, may I share the road with you?" I'm just another car on the road in my mind. I would never wear the jerseys, I've had enough things thrown and hit me.