Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attention Cyclists With Any USD Affiliation (Past/Present)

June 10th, the last day of Tour de Kota, there is a plan in motion to ride from Vermillion to Sioux Falls en mass wearing this one of a kind, special order jersey. There will be no ability to order these EVER again so you will own part of history.

Requirements you ask?
1. Sign up for Tour de Kota (all week or just the one day)
2. Get me your t-shirt and jersey size via email (bikingbrady AT gmail DOT com). Do this soon as we will be ordering within the next week or two.
3. Ride on June 10th (at least).

Let's have a sea of Coyote jerseys fill the rural landscape!

LATE EDIT FROM USD EMAIL: Team USD members will also have the opportunity to purchase, at a reduced cost, a one of a kind, limited edition USD bike jersey commemorating the event. If you are interested in riding as part of the USD team, please go to by February 25th to sign up and order your jersey.
****For this you will need a USD Email account. If you don't have a USD email account but would like to ride with USD pride, email me.

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