Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Car Free America Day

Today is Car Free America Day. I did my usual short commute, but I definitely didn't bundle up quite enough. I needed a couple more layers as all I had on were jeans and tennis shoes from the waist down. My Helly Hansen Parka sufficed but I had a few frozen whiskers that were exposed from my balaclava. It's hard for me to proclaim this, but today was beyond chilly. Today my friends, it officially hit COLD.


MSDos5 said...

Awesome way to go, I sat in the car all day.

Bill said...

your our new hero at carfree American, thank you for inspiring us and others to live life responsibly

Ms.Ding said...

Awesome.. truly awesome. I stop riding at -5F, you rock. I thought one of my commenters from the very northern Finnish town of Oulu was a stud because he bikes regularly to about -20F, but you sir, rule.