Monday, August 27, 2007

The Hangover

I admit that although I've felt perfectly fine from the punishment that was "The Gut Check" since about last Wednesday. However, the bike and I still are not on a first name basis as of yet. Call it lazy, call it recovery time, call it a "cooling off" period, I'm not back to riding serious yet although it's time to ramp it up a bit.

I rode 30+ on Sunday at a pretty decent pace with four others into a pretty decent wind. When I got home I realized how much even that seemed to have zapped me. Am I still suffering Gut Check Hangover or was it a fluke? I guess we will find out Wednesday night as we are planning a ride with a really hard 15 mile push in the middle.

For now I'm enjoying chilling a bit, catching up on the laundry and hanging it on the clothesline (what I call my brain-dead activity) and being husband and Dad. My kids seem to like the fact I've been around more, although they have a strange way of showing it, of which will be a completely separate post.

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