Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weekly Cycling Log - July 23 - July 29

Sort of wore out the Elk Point route this week, but the wind was out of the SE most of the week and it was HOT so I chose to go in the directions with stops every 10-15 miles. To see the routes from my Garmin click HERE:

23-Jul31.00Commuting(1.82) + Elk Point(29.18)
24-Jul54.64Commuting(3.46) + Elk Point-Jefferson(51.18)
25-Jul54.03Commuting(3.65) + Elk Point-Jefferson(50.38)
26-Jul8.61Commuting(1.83) + Cruiser Tandem(6.78)
27-Jul13.83Spin Class(10) + Commuting(3.83)
28-Jul86.15Tri County Tour +(84.09) + Commuting(2.06)
29-Jul76.57Commuting(2.04) + Elk Point/Jefferson/N.Sioux City(74.53)

 Weekly Totals:YTDTotals
Total Miles:324.835708.36
Projected Miles-20079921.67

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