Wednesday, May 07, 2008

One Last Crazy Week

Riding has been minimal. This "spring" is still kicking my behind. It is decent this week, but my work schedule has been hectic with finals. I've been required to be at various final exams to make sure the technology is working properly and that online finals can be taken.

Monday I had to go to Sioux Falls to help the Nursing program. Of course, at the same time our Tsunami Wireless Bridge from one of our off campus programs went down causing mass chaos. So, what did I do? I went and had lunch with Snakebite. One has to have his priorities. That and there was truly nothing I could do about it while in Sioux Falls. Tuesday and Wednesday nights I had to cover exams which limited my riding time.

The highlight of riding right now is how excited Carson is over the Trail-a-bike. Sunday, his first day on the trial-a-bike, he went NINE miles. I kept asking him if he wanted to go home and he kept saying "no". Finally the following conversation took place:

C: Dad?
me: Yes?
C: My pee pee hurts.
me: Want to go home now?
C: Okay.

He has also ridden to Pre-school Tuesday and Wednesday. He loves to ride. Tonight after covering yet another final and missing a ride with some of my "posse", Carson wanted to go for a ride again. Seven miles later I told him we needed to get home because he was supposed to be taking a bath. He tried to talk me into "just a little farther", but I had to shut him down.

Last year's Gut Check didn't defeat me, but Carson might wear me out this summer. That's perfectly fine by me. That's why I decided against training hard for the Gut Check and other things. So once again, my plan is coming together. Now I need to get Laura out more.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Carson. 9 miles is pretty good. I remember when I was getting back on the bike after breaking my arm. The physical therapist said I could try short rides. I told him I'd gone 9 miles. He exclaimed, "I thought you said a SHORT ride!" I said that was. :D

Still, it's really commendable. Will Carson be sporting a mini Lanehogs jersey and joining us at Friday Viejo lunches??? That'd be fun.