Sunday, May 04, 2008

Turkey Creek Ride

I survived a very long day at Howard Wood Dakota Relays. I was going to run a short bike race this morning (there were runners and walkers as well) but I couldn't get motivated to race on a bike path and over some nasty railroad tracks on little sleep. I did stop by to support the cause as the USD Physician's Assistant program students were in charge of the event.

Cactus-Eyed-Joe ran the 5k race, then went on a 30 mile road ride and then agreed to meet me for a 30 mile biking excursion this afternoon after church. Crazy or not, he hung right in there, albeit a little tired from his already busy day. We like to do this ride on occasion as there are some very good climbs on this gravel road. It is also part of the upcoming Bunyan's to Bob's ride. For those of you looking to tag along on this ride, here is the profile of the first 15 miles:

And to be honest, we have never ridden the second section of gravel other than by car. It has some equally challenging climbs. It promises to make us earn our ten thousand calorie lunch at Bob's.

**Disclaimer - The claim to a ten thousand calorie lunch depends on if you order the cheeseballs or not.

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DIRK said...

I'll hop on the trail a bike so you can get me up those hills.