Friday, May 02, 2008

Two Rides and Rain

Wednesday night CDV and I braved winds 25 mph plus to head to Elk Point for 30 miles. I realized on this ride that I haven't put in many hard miles this year yet. I pulled the whole way into the wind, something that I often do, but Thursday my quads felt very tight. That's something I am NOT used to. I need to ride some more. Period.

Thursday Laura and I got out on the tandem for a quick 7 miles. The temp was dropping as the front with the storm was moving in so we kept it short. Significance of the ride? Laura clipped into the clipless pedals (Crank Brother Quattro Pro's) for the first time ever! It was hard and frustrating for her, but it will get better.

Today I am supposed to be at the Howard Wood Dakota Relays track meet but the called today's session off yesterday already as they knew the weather was not going to be good already yesterday. Soon I'll be heading up to Sioux Falls though as we are going to stay overnight as the running events start at 8 am and the last event is scheduled for 9:40 pm. They are compressing as much as they can into one day. We are not sure the Rapid City schools will even make it as they had the interstate from Wyoming to Wall closed due to a blizzard (yup...BLIZZARD) so they might bring a limited number of kids. They also lost some college competitors too as North Dakota State dropped out so many of the South Dakota State runners have to follow NDSU to a different meet due the meet NOT counting as a NCAA Division I meet after NDSU dropped. It's all a big confusing mess, but the meet had to be called. It's under 50 degrees and raining. It wouldn't have been a pleasant experience for the kids to run in.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 58 and sunny so that should make for a MUCH better day at the track meet. It's going to be a LONG day though. There will be bicycling on Sunday though! A mountain bike excursion is planned to Newcastle after church on Sunday. Testing the first part of the Bunyan's to Bob's route. A route we have ridden many times. A great mountain bike ride and it should be perfect weather.

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