Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday Ride

While fellow Lane Hogs were out having a great time together (good writeup HERE), I was on my way to another great time with family at Grandma and Grandpa Hertel's 60th Wedding Anniversary.

The ride is decidedly up hill with lot of rollers, but a very enjoyable route. I didn't wake up early enough to make Brunswick (12 miles short) and to be honest, I wasn't feeling the best anyway. It was a struggle to maintain 17mph today. Not stellar, but it was nice to be on the road. Garmin weather showed a high of 78.8 but the temperature sign in Randolph showed 82 when I went through. It was definitely getting warmer by the time I hit Plainview.

I had never biked the road between Randolph and Plainview, but it has nice wide shoulders and it's an enjoyable route. Most of the people who were in cages waved at me (a couple hysterically, like they thought they knew me type of a wave) so overall it was a good day with respect to cagers. On a funny note, one minivan that kind of hugged the white line for no apparent reason (plenty of space/clear vision to move over) I ended up passing a couple miles up the road because the PoPo had them pulled over. I passed them, waved with a big-o-grin on my face and they didn't pass me again for another three miles up the road.

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

What I would give to ride in temps under 90 degrees!

Cheers! Bruce