Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tandem-Com - A Must Have!

While on Tour de Kota, specifically on Ride With thE kErnEl Day, I noticed a couple on a tandem with a communications system not unlike that what you would see on a motorcycle. As we rode past I asked them where they bought it and they said "Precisiontandems.com". They were nice and warned not to buy the cheapest model.

Upon my return home I checked into it and decided to take the leap and purchase the Tandem-Com model. All I have to say is that if you ride a tandem, especially as the captain, you NEED this. I can't imagine going without it now that it has been thoroughly tested. Without further ado, my personal review.

Fit/Comfort: It fits well behind the ear and around the head. I might need to adjust it ever so slightly as by the time we finished our short 18 mile ride, it was digging into the bottom of my ear a bit.

Clarity: Awesome! There is a volume control, but basically you can carry on a conversation back and forth at a speaking volume level of sitting next to each other at the kitchen table. When we dropped down the Dakota street hill, at about 30 mph or so, it cut out intermittently, but not bad. Into a 15ish mph wind it did pretty decent also. Again, simply talking without shouting and not having to crane my neck around every time we need to communicate is a WONDERFUL thing.

Music Port: We didn't test it on this trip, but it actually has an 1/8" jack that you can connect any mp3 player into it and have music streaming through the headsets as well. For the most part I don't know that we will use this much as we actually enjoy talking to each other!

Buyer's Remorse: NONE! I can't imagine leaving home without this little beauty on the tandem ever again. This unit was on sale for $120 and the wireless version is $299. I couldn't see spending the extra money at this time and I'm quite happy with my purchase.

Nice people at Precision Tandems: The usual 10% cut of all sales will be sufficient.


Ham(m)er said...

They were a nice couple. They were the ones on the recumbant tandem, right?

bikingbrady said...

No, this couple was on an upright tandem. They were really helpful though!