Friday, June 13, 2008

Tour de Kota '08: Day 6 - Brookings to Sioux Falls

List of excuses:

* The weather sucked pretty much all week.
* Big storm rolled through Brookings last night
* It was 55 degrees at 7 am
* Winds were out of the SW at about 20 mph (we were heading South)
* I've ridden these roads many times on MS Rides and various other times
* I have nothing to prove to anybody
* The bikes looked all snuggly on the roof rack
* I hadn't had a morning latte all week
* I hurt feelings of some by telling them the rules of the road this week
* The other half of Team Man Tandem wasn't around all week
* Nor was Cactus-Eyed Joe
* I wanted to spend quality time at Falls Park with Laura
* I already made Patrick Lalley's Blog
* ..and the Argus Leader on Ride With thE kErnEl Day

End result: I bagged the final 68 miles that I heard from various riders ended up being around 77. Windy and cold until about 12:30 too.

There is some serious debate about next year's ride. Some hurt feelings amongst those who served on the committee this year as well. More to follow on that in a future post I'm sure.


Ham(m)er said...

Hey, we did make it in, but not until 3:30. It was tough. I almost got blown off of the bike trail. All of my body aches except my abs. I considered doing some situps to balance things out. Will post a more detailed blog later.

Snakebite said...

I'll send you a draft of "the letter" this weekend. It's undergone several revisions to make it sound less pissed off.