Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Somebody Shot a "Laser" at My Deathstar!

I'll spare you the details of what happened to the Deathstar (frequently known as a Ford Windstar). I like to sleep in my bed so I'll just say that the poor van has been beat up over the last few months. Yes, I was to blame on a couple of occasions. I didn't manage to total it out though. That comment should get me some couch time. Oh well, it's a comfy couch.

Enter the Ford Freestar. The new official vehicle of the Biking Brady's.

The fold down disappearing seat was a major selling point for Laura. It's a decent replacement for the Deathstar, but needs a nickname. I'll need some help here. By the way, the roof mount bike rack was spared and should fit the Freestar nicely. Oh Deathstar, you hauled so many bikes. You will be missed.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Mr. Brady,

I propose you name said vehicle, "The Mystery Van"

2nd handle proposed:
"Very Brady Van" which eludes to those mildly entertaining Brady Bunch Movies that I'm sure you and your's love to no end.

3rd nom de votiure:
"Ford Freakshow"

or just call it what it is--a Mommy Van!

Just Playing! Hey will it carry the tandem? Cheers!

DIRK said...

FORDZILLA !!!!!!!!!!!!

bikingbrady said...

Sorry Bruce...Dirk has the early lead on this one!

Snakebite said...


bikingbrady said...

This isn't Over The Hedge, but you made me laugh. If I do name it Steve we will go with the OTH "O great and powerful Steve!"

Tom said...

I like Fordzilla or maybe FORDenstein.

Never call it ByeByeBAMBI

SD_pedalpower said...

Scuba Steve

Anonymous said...


Or Frank.
Kinda looks like a Frank to me.