Friday, December 12, 2008

Chip Off The Old Block(Head)

I haven't given much thought to hooking up the Trail-a-Bike and taking Carson to school since the snow has started flying. However Laura (aka Mrs. Biking Brady) told me that he was VERY upset when I left Wednesday morning that he didn't get to ride with me. Thursday he was just too pokey and it was sloppy from new wet snow so I told him I'd take him Friday (today). He was very motivated (for him) in getting ready this morning so he could ride with me. He chatted my ear off all the way to school. He made sure to tell me that he wanted me to pick him up after school too.

For better or worse--I'm going with better--my bicycle-over-car attitude is rubbing off on my children to one degree or another. So, to those of you who like to question HOW I can ride ALL the time, my kids already get it. Guess that makes you feel kind of dumb now doesn't it?!?!?

The Biking Brady's -- reducing their carbon footprint one bike ride at a time.

Below is the updated route I have usually take when taking Carson to school and then back to my office.

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Tez said...

You are teaching those kiddos correctly, Mr and Mrs Biking Brady!