Monday, December 08, 2008

Studded Tyres ON

It was time for new studs so the LBS is very happy and I'm much lighter in the pocketbook. However, once I got them on and headed out into the snow with (as usual in South Dakota) the bottom layer of frozen rain to make it incredibly slippery. They held like champs around curves and turns.

After our church band played for the Coffee Loft Campus Ministry I took the long way home--okay EXTREMELY long way home---to have some fun and test out the tyres. I think part of the reason I went further than planned is that the streets were for the most part not disturbed as of yet. They were slick, but it's so much fun busting through fresh snow, including drifts on the edge of town. It definitely helped me out of my funk of hating the cold weather. It actually rejuvenated me to get on the cranks more often now.

What are the tyres? They are the Nokian Mount and Ground. Great tyres and I highly suggest them!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! No more excuses for not riding.
Except for extreme windchills. I mean, if it takes 30 minutes to dress, and you can only stand to pedal 30 minutes, it really does get to a point of dimishing returns...

Biking Duluth said...

I love the tires also! Very handy to keep ones self off of the pavement (snow coverd as it may be).
They saved my butt two times at least last year. I've had mine on for about a week now, and just in time for the 4 inches we got this weekend and expected 5 days of snow coming! Bring it on!

And it doesn't take me thirty minutes to get dressed, and I can stay out for much longer, cold is no problem when you dress right!

If it's taking 30 minutes I'm guessing you're putting on too much clothes :)

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

In the month of February, a few years ago, I got the worst sunburn of my life! I forgot to put on sunscreen before the ride! That's Tucson for you!

I wish I would have had those tires back when I lived in Verm--many a ride to work and class I found myself slip sliding away, on my butt suddenly when I rode over a patch of ice.