Monday, December 15, 2008

Mean People Suck

It's too cold to leave for lunch today so I thought that I'd eat at my desk and share a little rant/pet peeve. My rant/pet peeve for the day: People who continuously try to cut you down to build themselves up. Before I continue, I can be a smart ass with the best of them. After all, my wife made sure that I obtained professional status in that area last year. That being said, I try to the utmost of my ability to be obviously funny and not hurtful or crass.

This last weekend my pet-peeve-o-meter was set off on a couple of occasions by different people. One by somebody who seems to have a personal cob up their butt for me as of late. Of course, this same person will talk about anybody at any time so it shouldn't be totally shocking to me or anyone. It is kind of funny because now that I have started taking this person to task more, the attacks seem to have become more relentless. I'm trying my best to not communicate except when necessary with that person, which is probably playing into exactly what they want.

The other person doesn't necessarily say as much to me as my wife, and my wife used to just deal with it and be hurt by the comments. Now she's getting stronger and letting the person know that it was uncalled for. When she did that this weekend, the person backed off saying "geez, don't you know humor. You take me too serious!". Unfortunately, this person is unlikely to change either.

In both cases, it seems to be the best way they know how to make themselves feel better. In both cases, it's really sad. There is much about each person to be liked. It's too bad that too often gets overshadowed by their nasty, hurtful sides. In other words, mean people suck.


SD_pedalpower said...

Put them in a rear-naked choke until they tap or pass out :)

bikingbrady said...

Seen that move on a recent MMA bout. Looks nasty. Looks like something I should learn. Bwah ha ha...

Anonymous said...

Some people are just so insecure they just can't seem to help themselves. If I am not to pee-oh'd, I like to (very condenscendingly) pat them on the shoulder and say "whatever you say, slick" or "really? Show me!"
Come to think of it, that doesn't help much either.
Hell with it, let's get DW to teach us that choke hold!

jamesmommy05 said...

I agree mean people do suck

barry said...

"Don't you know humor?"

The correct reply to this is... Yes. I do know humor. And you aren't funny.