Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Sound of Two Wheels Rolling

I used a couple hours of annual leave from work today for the simple fact that it was going to be in the 55-60 degree range for the first time in about sixteen years. Alright, it only seems that long.

I actually overdressed a little, but I hammered out 30 miles to Elk Point and back on the road bike solo. Winds were out of the south at about 15 so it was a little tough on the way down as I just haven't been out in what seems like an eternity. Took me 53 minutes to bust the 15 miles there. The way home was much easier clocking in at 36 minutes. I still haven't put a computer back on the bike but could easily tell that I was flying pretty good on the way back.

Hwy 212 Gut Check training begins OUTSIDE finally. I've been dying to start doing rides that mean something to my training. Here's hoping that after the upcoming cold snap that we get back to "riding weather". Although, after tomorrow, it doesn't appear that we will see 50 again in the ten day forecast. It's time to put on my big boy pants, suck it up, and start riding anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Darren and Gregg and I managed 40+ miles yesterday, bike trail and city streets, and still averaged about 13.5 mph and had fun. Not bad for such an early season ride.