Monday, April 20, 2009

LBL Recap

What a great weekend away from Vermillion. Ride Vermillion and I, along with our families, headed to Omaha on Friday night in preparation for our short jaunt to the "Hell of the Midwest" -- LBL -- on Saturday morning.

Looking at the weather guess on Friday night it wasn't looking too promising. Never throughout the day was the chance of rain less that 60%. Upon waking up in the morning, it was indeed already raining. We headed out to Lincoln anyway and in a couple spots it was really raining hard.

As we pulled into eDLoNNie's house, it was not raining as hard. By 9:45, it had quit completely, the skies opened up, and the sun was shining beautifully. After a wonderful breakfast and a Schmaltz He'Brew Pomegranate Ale, we rolled out towards our first destination of the day: Denton, NE. After suffering through one frosty mug of Miller Lite, I asked for a little tomato juice to make it bearable on the second. I found out that went down very well. Too well. Order a second (red) pitcher well. You guessed it, that wasn't such a grand idea.

The rolls between Denton and our second stop, Crete, allowed me many opportunities to relive how wonderful those red beers tasted. I started getting that "beer headache" between Denton and Crete, so I opted for Coke at our lunch stop to get my caffeinated life back on track.

After a great lunch we rolled back to Lincoln where we found out that the MuSCLe had a flat and they had to go back and get him, and that eDBiLLy and John were "lost". Shortly after eDLoNNie left for the MuSCLe, eDBiLLy and John showed up after taking their "alternate" route. All was well in the universe again.

After some chili, a giant cinnamon roll, and a second round of Schmaltz brewing called the Messiah Bold, CDV and I rolled back to Omaha to be with the family and go out for dinner.

After packing up in the morning we parted ways as our clan went to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. If you live and the area and you've never been, you should. I'm not sure I could ever tire of the zoo there. We spent five hours walking around until everybody had hit the wall of energy expenditure and we made our way back to South Dakota.

Up next in the biking world: Bunyan's to Bob's - May 30th. More details to follow...

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Tez said...

We missed you guys at the Pit but sounds like you had fun.

No, mention of the re-fabbed bike?