Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A New Idiot!

There have been a few minor idiots on the road as the weather has become warmer, but this morning I have an idiot of special mention.

32 degrees in South Dakota means commuting to school by bike for the Brady family. I had the trail-a-bike hooked on to mine for Carson and I had Austin just off my back wheel. A Silver Lincoln pulled up to the stop sign by the med school, looked right at me, and slowly -- not even in a hurry -- pulled straight in front of us. I had to lock up the brakes and Austin had to swerve to miss me.

Even through my yelling the guy didn't even look again. It was either morning sleepyheadedness (it's a word, look it up), idiocy, arrogance (leaning towards this), or a little of each that caused even Austin to get upset. Austin simply said "That was really stupid" to which I replied "Yes it was and I shall blog about it". Austin laughed and onward we went to school.

So in the spirit of calling out idiots:

Silver Lincoln with South Dakota

plates 1PT801....YOU ARE AN IDIOT!


Brad "el ZappoMan" HG said...


RealFakeNews said...


Perhaps the driver was simply unmindful. Not an excuse for nearly hitting you and you family, but a possible explanation.

Keep on non-truckin' on your bike. You're an inspiration and a good example to the rest of us carbon-dependent souls.


Todd Epp
High Plains Buddhist

DIRK said...

Uh-Oh, A Minnehaha County idiot. I shall be watching for them if they come back North.

Biking Duluth said...

I like to ride right up to the driver windows of people like that, staring at them until they notice me (usually not until my wet nose is pressed against the glass...) I've knocked on windows before- it's crazy how blind people can be. They don't realize they need to be active participants in this whole car driving thing they all do.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this and thought of you:

Go ahead and give them the notoriety they deserve in a bigger forum!