Friday, February 18, 2011

The Obligatory 1000th Consecutive Day of Commuting Post

Why Did I Get Started on the Streak?
Simple answer: I’m not sure. More likely answer: I wanted to encourage others to try it. I already had a pretty good following on my blog and decided to try my hand at making them commuters.

Worst Weather/Coldest Day:
The two are actually mutually exclusive. The coldest air temp was -28F. The coldest wind chill was -58. Neither was the worst day of commuting. Unexpected cold rain sucks the absolute worst. Getting caught without rain gear and soaked wet, cold clothing. That friends, is the worst.

Number of times I’ve crashed while commuting during the streak
In the 5-7 range, usually on ice: Three times hard that come to mind. A couple times where I crashed “gracefully” and the bike took off on the ice for a good distance longer. One crash on the “post winter gravel” last year was actually one of the hardest on my body. The concrete was the only thing to hit and I went down hard and fast.

Things I’ve been asked/told:

1. Did you get a DUI or something? Um, no.
2. Did you ride today? Usually a question asked on the nastiest of days, testing to see how psychotic I truly am, or secretly trying to be the first one to ask me on the day that the streak ends.
3. How was your ride in today? Also usually asked on the nastiest of days, but by people who have long since accepted the fact that I undoubtedly rode by bike to work.
4. I’ve been asked numerous questions about the best gear for commuting. This is always encouraging as it means people are actually considering commuting by bike.

Random Thoughts

The streak would be 49 days longer, but right as I was getting ready to leave on March 2, 2007, a good friend of mine called and offered to pick me up because she was worried that the conditions were too nasty out. They’ve been worse on numerous occasions since.

There are two types of commuting I have counted during this streak: My normal commute to work (.92-1 mile depending on the route) and my “second” job with the production team with the Daktronics Scoreboard at the Dakota Dome (1.6 miles one way). I have commuted to Howard Wood Field in Sioux Falls (a 66 mile commute) to work Daktronics equipment for track meets. I’ve never counted them directly, but I usually commuted to work for a couple hours on those days also.

I have had to push my bike part of the two blocks to Main Street on three occasions (that I can remember) due to snow that was just too deep. Once on Main Street, I hit emergency routes.

Because of my use of the bicycle to do everyday tasks around town, I made a decision to sell my car. When I brought it up to my wife, she didn’t even flinch. Within a month it was sold. We’ve been a one vehicle family since March 8, 2008. I can honestly say there has only been a couple of times since that having a second car would have been handy.

Use of my Burley Trailer, aka “The Grocery Getter”, has been part of a number of conversations. I’ve often posted about the contents of my Rubbermaid container that I use on my trailer. Yet again erasing excuses for people who say the bicycle isn’t practical.

This isn't the most exciting post I've ever written, but to me the 1000th day is just another day. Is it cool?? Sure. I remember when I was excited about my 300th day. Now they just seem to be another day in a great way of life.

I will allow you this opportunity to ask questions you have about commuting or the streak. I'll do my best to answer.


Snakebite said...

"1. Did you get a DUI or something? Um, no." Riiiiigghhhttt - we believe you!

Actually, congrats!

SD_pedalpower said...

I 1st missed a zero and was thinking what's the big deal? Ok, big deal, kudos.

gad2357 said...

That's 1111101000 binary days. 2 times congrats!

That's 1750 octal days. 8 times congrats!

That's 3E8 hexadecimal days. 16 times congrats!

Pedal on!

DIRK said...

Way to go Kevin!

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

Boring, yes. Informative, yes.

1000 is pretty cool. :)